VAT 58

03 May 2018 Admin

Farmers who are not registered for Value-Added Tax (VAT) may reclaim VAT paid by them in relation to :

  • Construction, extension, alteration or reconstruction of a building or structure which is designated for use solely or mainly for the purposes of a farming business.
  • Fencing, drainage or reclamation of any land for use for the purpose of a farming business

The minimum amount of money that can be claimed at any one time is €125. A farmer can make as many claims in the year as he/she wishes but can only go back four years.

You need original VAT invoices and items such as delivery dockets, statements, receipts, quotations will not be sufficient.

For any queries regarding completing a VAT 58 form please contact us on 049 437 1211 , 01 554 7370 , 047 84 955 or 042 969 2572 or email

Full details can be viewed by clicking the link: VAT 58