When selling your business, forward planning is essential

You only get one opportunity to sell your business so it is important to get it right. Forward planning maximises your sale price and protects you if you have to sell sooner than you intended — for example to take advantage of new opportunities or because of illness or a change in your personal circumstances.

Amatino has a wealth of experience helping businesses to improve their long term capital value. We provide expert advice on:

  • Improving profits: The more time you have to improve profits before the sale, the better. Potential purchasers will want to see evidence of good performance over several years.
  • Valuation: It is important to obtain objective advice on what your business is worth and what improvements may be needed to achieve a better price. This might include disposing of underperforming products or services.
  • Timing the sale: Depending on your personal circumstances and business sector, timing the sale correctly can be very important. The tax impact in particular requires careful consideration.
  • Sector-specific incentives: In certain sectors there are incentives to encourage handing over your business to the next generation. Amatino will ensure you are aware of any relevant incentives and advise you on any steps you may need to take now in order to qualify for these incentives at a later date.

For more information, please contact a member of our team.

Our Services

Offering expertise in the areas of

Paul Tobin
Director, Paul Tobin Estates Ltd

Amatino manage our financial year end and company submissions. They ensure that our corporation tax is filed on time and accurately taking the pressure of us. We have found Amatino to be efficient and professional and we would highly recommend them

John Wilson
Managing Director, Trinity Nutrition Ltd

Professional, Approachable, Efficient, overall Excellent. I have and will continue to recommend them.

Peter Farrelly
Managing Director, Royal Masterpeace Ltd

Amatino manage our accounts and carry out management accounts which allow us to review our current costs in real time. John Kieran’s consultancy and impartial advice has allowed us to streamline costs and overheads in all areas of our operations and review our personal tax liabilities. All of this is provided at what I consider to be a highly competitive rate for the quality of service provided.

Michael Leonard
Director, Leonard Engineering (Ballybay) Ltd

Business Advisory services from Amatino have streamlined our accounts system, we have made considerable cost savings throughout the business while increasing our sales with their business development advice. I would highly recommend them.