PAYE Modernisation

26 Apr 2018 Admin

Revenue has released its Annual Report 2017. Included in the report is new plans for the PAYE system.

During 2017, Revenue dedicated significant resources to planning for PAYE Modernisation.

The start of real-time PAYE reporting will commence on 1 January 2019 & will eliminate the need for the P30, P45 and P60 forms, along with end-of-year returns.

This significant reform of the PAYE system will bring improved accuracy and transparency for Revenue, employers and employees. It also will reduce the administrative burden on employers and will ensure that employee tax deductions and contributions are correct and are reported to Revenue on time.

Click here to read the report Revenue Annual Report 2017

For any queries regarding the new PAYE system due to begin in 2019 please contact us on 049 437 1211 , 047 84 955 or 042 969 2572 or email for more details.