Ireland's Trade in Goods 2017

05 Dec 2018 Admin

The latest data from the Central Statistics Office shows that Ireland exported €123 billion of goods in 2017 and imported €79 billion.

Ireland exported €12.3 billion of Food and beverages in 2017, giving a surplus in this sector of €4.6 billion. Exports of Food and beverages have increased by 38% between 2012 and 2017. The goods exported included: cheese, butter, infant formula, mushrooms, beer and whiskey.

In 2017, €7.7 billion of Food and beverages were imported, an increase of 24% when compared since 2012. The goods imported included: potatoes, fish and shellfish, mineral water, sugared non-alcoholic drinks, coffee and wine.

The UK was Ireland’s biggest export and import partner for Food and beverages. In 2017, Ireland exported almost €4.6 billion of food and drinks to the UK, and imported €3.7 billion.

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