Claiming Tax Back

Most of us pay tax and think we pay too much tax, this may be case for some of us but there are ways we can claim tax back. PAYE Workers pay tax as they earn income on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. P60 issued by employer at the end of tax year.

In order to claim back tax you must submit a Form 12 to the Revenue which includes all income you earned in the tax year and all credits and reliefs which you wish to claim.
The following are a list of items which should assembled for the relevant tax year.

1. P60 and that of your spouse if you are on joint assessment.(most married couples are jointly assessed)
2. Social welfare income you or your spouse received for the calendar year.
3. Rental Income and any associated expenses for the calendar year.
4. Deposit interest certificates or dividends received for the relevant tax year.
5. All medical expenses for the calendar year, to include Doctors receipts, prescriptions, hospital receipts, physiotherapy and a Med 2 from your dentist, basic cleaning, fillings and extractions do not qualify for tax relief.
6. Bin charges in relation to the previous year, 2009 bin charges on 2010 tax return, abolished form 2011 onwards.
7. Tuition fees for the calendar year, first €2,000 will not attract tax relief on a full time course and first €1,000 on a part-time course for 2011 onwards, prior to this up to €5,000 qualified for relief.
8. Rent paid for year, you must have Landlord’s name and PPS no. This rent relief is being phased out for new applicants since the 7th December 2010.
9. Personal pension contributions paid in the calendar or any top up you may wish to pay up to the 31st October the following year. This applies to a PRSA, Personal Pension plan or an AVC for which you have not had tax relief through payroll. Occupational pensions will have qualified for tax relief through payroll.
10. Trade union subscriptions paid in the tax year.
The above list is a sample of the many reliefs available through the tax system.

There are also many tax credits which are not claimed and many are not aware they are available to them.
1. Married/ Single personal credit.
2. PAYE Credit (only for PAYE workers)
3. Carer’s Credit, where one spouse is not working and takes care of the children in the home.
4. Age Credit (available where either spouse has reached 65yrs in the tax year)
5. Dependant Relative Credit, available where you take care of a dependant relative, mother, mother in law, father, father in law, son or daughter who are dependant on you by reason of incapacity etc.
6. Incapacitated Child Credit, available where a child is permanently incapacitated by reason of physical or mental disability.
7. One Parent Family Credit, granted to a person who is not entitled to the married credit with dependant children.

The above list is not all of the credits available to a taxpayer, and if you are unsure there is an extensive list on or please contact Linda Scott on 049 4371211 for advice.