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Linda Scott - Registered Tax ConsultantIf you are not up to date on the latest legislation you may well be missing out on new tax saving opportunities.

Taxation can be an area of confusion and fear for both individuals and businesses. At Amatino Partners, Linda Scott is our dedicated Registered Tax Consultant. She specialises in all areas of taxation advice, Business taxes, Personal taxes and Indirect Tax.

With our taxation advice, we ensure your business is compliant with all tax payments such as:

  • Income Tax
  • Personal Tax Returns - Med1, Med2, Mortgage Interest etc
  • Captial Gains Tax
  • Corporation Tax
  • Capital Acquisition Tax (CAT), ie Gift or Inheritance Tax
  • VAT

Click here to download our FACTSHEET on Inheritance, Gift and Capital Acquisition Tax

We also ensure your tax rates are correct, your tax relief is maximised and all tax deductions are complete. Our Taxation Advice ensure that tax filing is on time, tax loss avoided and all tax exemptions are exploited including:

Our robust tax audit procedures optimise your tax efficiency allowing us to advise you on the strategic direction to grow your business.

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