Company Strike Off

Involuntary Strike Off

The consequences of letting your company be involuntarily struck off the register are very serious for company directors and include;

• The assets of the company become the property of the state
• The company ceases to be a legal entity and can no longer operate a bank account.
• The protection of limited liability is lost.
• The Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement may bring High Court Proceedings against the directors.

If outstanding returns are filed within the 12 month period from the date of strike-off then the company can be restored to the register by filing a Form H1 with the required filing fee of €400. If returns are not filed within 12 months then a High Court application will have to be made to have the company restored.

At Amatino Partners our audit and compliance staff can help you achieve compliance with your company’s affairs in the quickest and most cost effective manner. Should you wish to have your company properly wound up and removed from the register of companies, we can also provide this service.

You can contact Geoff Foster in our Cavan Office ( or Barry Kieran in our Monaghan Office ( for independent professional advice and a no obligation quotation to have your company returns brought up to date.