The United Kingdom has voted to leave the EU. Ireland is a committed Eurozone economy and EU Member State with a business-friendly working environment. 

Ireland may be a small island, but it is also a major gateway to Europe for businesses looking to expand internationally. Ireland’s open for business attitude, efficient tax regime and educated and highly skilled workforce have ensured that Ireland is the destination of choice for many multinational businesses to date. 

Inward investors into Ireland use a variety of structures to enter the Irish market. The right structure will depend on factors such as the specific sector, business product, service and the extent to which a local presence is required. Examples include: 

* Trading through a private limited liability company; 

* Setting up an Irish registered branch office; 

* Acquiring an existing business in Ireland; 

* Entering into partnership with another business. 

Amatino Partners want to ensure your company is equipped to face the negative effect that Brexit may cause. The following are some of the threats: 

Brexit means that the current Sterling weakness is different from the normal exchange rate cycle and things could get much worse
Limited capacity for Irish exporters to drive further efficiencies in their businesses
Losses could be greater as total exports to the UK have grown recently
Pricing structure will be more competitive

Our services include:

  • Advising on and establishing appropriate business structures
  • Taxation advice
  • Advising on Financial and Foreign Exchange products available
  • Grant Applications for new businesses and/or exporters
  • Cost reduction and business efficiency programmes

Our specialist expertise and focus allows us to help you efficiently run your business, leaving you to do what you specialise in - running your business.

For more information and to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us.

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