Potential impact of Brexit on my family business

By Barry Kieran MD Amatino Advisory Services Ltd
Wednesday, 31st May 2017

Question: I am responsible for my family business and given our location I am concerned about the potential impact which Brexit will have on it. What can I do to properly assess the effects Brexit will have on our business and what actions can I take?

To date the effects of Brexit have been limited to a rise in consumer uncertainty and the effects of weak sterling and a volatile exchange rate.

If your business is buying or selling in Sterling then the most recognisable effect of Brexit will continue to be exchange rate volatility with an underlying weakness in Sterling. A recent Irish Exporters Association survey revealed that as little as 30% of Irish SMEs are actively hedging (or reducing) their foreign exchange risk.

Now more than ever it is vital that business owners look at either a natural hedging process or a financial product to reduce their business’s foreign exchange risk and cost in relation to Sterling.

Sterling aside there are also a number of other steps which I would urge business owners to take in order to properly assess and manage the fall out from the Brexit process for their business:

1: Assess your exposure

2: Review your Supply Chain

   There currently is a free movement of goods and people with Britain. Brexit will mean that  movements    in and out of Britain will give rise to potential duties, tariffs and delays.

3: Prepare for Customs

   Most of us haven’t had to deal with customs in 25 years. Start planning now for potential tariffs, duties    and declaration processes. These will also apply to movements in and out of Northern Ireland.

4: Review Staffing Issues

   Restrictions on movements in and out of Britain and Northern Ireland also include workers.

5: Look for Opportunities

6: Develop a Business Strategy

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