Debt negotiations

By Patrick Cunningham FCMA, CPA
Friday, 20th October 2017

Worried about your debts?

The tracker mortgage scandal has been unfolding in the past few months. The gravity of the problem is only dawning on the wider public.  

A large number of borrowers are burdened with debt that they cannot sustain or indeed will never be in a position to service. They are caught in a financial trap, not knowing what course of action to take and who to talk to. The overriding factor is fear, fear of losing your business, farm or indeed your house. Fear never yields a solution.

I have successfully concluded a number of debt restructures over the past five years. The one thing that is critical to reaching a settlement is to engage positively with the lenders. The lending institutions are becoming increasingly more active in pursuing this debt. Doing nothing is no longer an option, indeed it never was an option, if you want to reach a resolution of the problem.

I take the lead in the preparation of a financial plan and the subsequent negotiations and concluding a mutually agreed settlement. If additional finance is required another lender as part of the restructure we take the lead here also.

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